Bike and Boat en Provence (August 2018)

Finally, today ( 16th of Decemmber 2018) I am starting to write down my report about an extrordinary journey, that happened in August 2018. It took me some time to collect all pictures and videos, giving them an order and finding a moment of calm to write on them. I am sorry for the delay.

The report is dedicated to the people, to my group.

I booked the journey somewhen in spring 2018. I had in mind,

– to ride bike, precisely,to ride my trike

– to spent time in France, Provence.

So after reading the journey describtion of France Bike and some additional clarifications I spontaniously decided to go for it.

However, there where some issues of uncertainity I still had in mind, being aware of my medical background:

– Can I manage the transfer from Munich to Avignion ( around 800 km)?

– Can I manage the transport of the trike?

– Can I survive the cycling challenges at high temperatures?

– Is this really a good idea and an suitable vacation 1.5 years after a heavy stroke?

So, Ignoring all these uncertain issues I started the journey on August, 17.8.2018,and stored all my stuff, including my trike in my car, heading towards south, heading towards a very special adventure.

I spent one night at Bern, Switzerland, enjoying a good meal and a good beer in the evening.

First day

The next day, Saturday , after anothe drive of 400 km, my task was to find the boat.

I left my car at a parking spot in Avignion, took my trike an headed towards the boat. And finally I got there.

I expected to find a group of German cyclists, I expected to talk French all day,…

and I found an international group of charming people coming from Australia, New Seeland, Japan, Wales, talking English. So I had to adapt.

The boat itself was beatiful, … a nice bar, a charming and professional crew…

in the background, that’s Jacqueline, our guide, who gave me a hearty and warm welcome.


I slept in cabin #2 and although it was very narrow inside I enjoyed it there,

Second day

The following day, Sunday,19.08.2018, we started with the the first cycling event, a trip around Avignion.

We had a beautiful view athe famous bridge of Avignion and I enjoyed trike riding en Provence for the first time.

We had a tour through Villesneuve Les Avignion, a nice coffee break and finally headed back to our swimming home, where some refreshments and a nice dinner waited for us.

The bike were safely stored on the boat. After the first day of riding ( total: 28 km) I felt confident to manage everything coming up in the following days, and I had a kind of constant grinning on my face. It was so much fun to be there.

Third day

On Monday, 20th of August the next ride was around Aramon.

During the morning we had a nice visit at an oil mill, called “ Le Moulin de Roumanu“ and after that we continued our journey to the famous “ Pont du Gard“.

I had a nice swim in the river, somewow scary, because it was still difficult to climb from the water back to earth, but I managed it….Another moment of truth.